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Let's celebrate the launch of Frog2Prince

Hello toads, frogs, and other amphibians! Welcome to Frog2Prince.

Online dating is tough, but now Frog2Prince can transform you from a warty little bullfrog to a tight-wearing prince. We're here to help you make girls swoon, let down their hair, and let you kiss them.

I started this site because I was constantly giving men (and women) feedback about their online dating profiles, specifically on OkCupid. I spent time on the site myself, which is how I met my boyfriend. He helped me get Frog2Prince off the ground.

This blog will be a resource to singles as they try to negotiate the difficult landscape of online dating. We'll give you tips and tricks about how to message girls online, what to wear on dates, whether or not you should pay, and how to get more responses.

Trust me! I know what works!

I'm offering three packages, catering to men who need a little assistance in understanding how their profile comes off to women. You can sign up for them here.

The Tadpole $25 The tadpole package includes a custom online dating profile analysis. We include photo critiques, detailed suggestions, and edits for grammar and spelling.

The Prince $100 Our Prince package is a complete consultation with Frog2Prince. We'll edit your profile, help you with messaging, have a 15-20 minute pre-date Skype session to assist you in choosing a cool date location and picking a hot outfit.

Profile Grade FREE For a limited time, our profile grade is free. We'll assess your OkCupid profile based on four categories: Personality, Photos, Spelling/Grammar, and whether or not we'd be willing to go on a date with you.

I'm excited to provide tips to single men about how to snag their princesses!

xox Emma