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Charity Prepares For Her First OkCupid Date

Meet Charity, Frog2Prince's new intern and active online dater. Charity's about to go on her first OkCupid date ever, so I asked her a couple questions.

Guys, pay attention. Charity went for this guy for particular reasons. Check back next week to find out what happened between Charity and her date!

How did you first interact with your date? Who messaged who and what did they say?

He messaged me first on OkCupid, so I checked out his profile and he seemed interesting. We shared the same college major (Political Science) PLUS he works in government for the state. His pickup line was “opposites attract”, since we’re of different political sides. Fine. He seemed able to hold an educated conversation and I wanted to keep chatting to see where things went.

What did you talk about in your messages?

We gave each other some background on each other’s lives, siblings, schooling, where we're from etc. Simple, appropriate, not weird or intimidating. Grammatically correct sentences. A little vanilla, but I've had plenty of rocky road.

How did you decide to go on a date? Who brought it up and what did they say?

After a few days of messaging through OkCupid he asked me for my phone number and we started texting. After two weeks of talking, he asked me out, I said yes, and we picked a town between the two of us to get a drink this weekend!

What made you like this guy's profile? What made you decide to go on a date with him?

I liked his profile because almost everyone had messaged me weird and inappropriate, super sexualizing and just not cool stuff (think: I'd like to make a big donation to you, Charity ;)), while he commented on a shared passion (politics). This guy seemed like he was dateable, not sketchy, and hadn’t messaged every single other girl on the website the EXACT SAME MESSAGE. (Guys, FYI we can tell when you use the same message for every girl you think is a babe. Personalize please.)

Were there particular things in his profile or pictures that you liked?

I liked how he described himself and his passions. His pictures look a tad Catfish-y, but there's one of him at a political rally that I thought was cool, plus a few selfies. What’s up with guys and taking selfies at bad angles? Especially in their cars. Please stop, it’s essentially the male duck face.

What are your expectations going into the date?

I'm not expecting to find my soul mate with this guy. Dude is totally vanilla, but as an OkCupid cherry-popper, he seems like a nice guy and a good way to start.