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Introducing Pierre The Prince

Today is a big day. Not only is Valentine’s Day over- phew, that’s a tough one to get through- but Frog2Prince is introducing Pierre the Prince, our resident mascot. Pierre is part of our new branding effort, and he's managed to conquer love online. Go Pierre!


Pierre the Prince is designed by Raph. Raph and I knew each other in high school, but we actually reconnected because of OkCupid. I’ve been so impressed with Raph’s fun and creative approach to graphic design. He’s shown me great stuff, and is available for hire by small businesses and startups like Frog2Prince.

Raph can introduce himself better than I can:

My name is Raph, and I've been creating art my entire life but decided to make the leap from the margins of my spiral notebooks to the big leagues of the digital world about a year ago. I think humor is fundamental to art and life, and I try to imbue my artwork with a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic.

It makes sense to have humor in comics and doodles, but I think it is also just as useful in corporate branding, logos and other “real world” design. No one wants a boring company right? Unless you do, which is totally cool. I’ll still design your graphics.


I can’t wait to show you what else Raph has designed for us- he's going to help me put Frog2Prince on the map!

If you want to contact Raph, you can send him an email or find him on OkCupid. If you want some info about professional experience, check out his LinkedIn.