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Resist the Stigma: Normal People Date Online

WOW. The overwhelming support that Frog2Prince received on opening day was spectacular, so thank you.

I was happy to see so many girls interested in the packages offered by Frog2Prince, even though we're catering to men. Both women and men can submit their profiles through Frog2Prince. (Pst...a sister site is in the works!)

Online dating isn't romantic

Last night I discussed online dating with a few friends. One of the single guys remarked that he wants to meet someone the "old-fashioned way."

"Don't we all?" said a girl friend, "But that just isn't happening."

I told them that I'd seen a lot of friends meet people in the "old-fashioned way" while they were online dating. Being online forces you to put yourself out there, helps you define what you want in a significant other, and challenges you to take charge of your love life. I know that sounds corny and a little self-helpy, but many resist online dating because of the stigma attached to it.

Online dating isn't romantic. It requires you to stare at a computer screen like a programmer, miles away from your potential mates, unable to defend yourself. The only romantic part of this is that you're probably in your underwear. Even still, going on dates can be FUN. REALLY. I PROMISE.

Normal people date online

Girls are worried about sketchballs, guys are worried about girls being 30 pounds heavier than their photos. I think these are just excuses-- NORMAL PEOPLE DATE ONLINE.

Resist the stigma, put yourself out there, create an online dating profile, and Frog2Prince will do our best to help you meet some great people on fun dates. Let us help you!