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Here's how Frog2Prince would edit someone's online dating profile.

Frog2Prince Edits John's Online Profile

Hi John,

I looked over your profile and it’s obvious that you’re a dateable guy with some interesting hobbies. I’ve tried to give you suggestions to make you stand out as a more unique candidate. In general, giving specific details will help you land more dates. I know you’re not looking for anything serious, but you’re going to be more successful if you treat girls as though they are unique...(it’s better to focus on quality rather than quantity in messages and me).

As far as photos are concerned:

  1. This photo is ok, but it doesn't show off anything special. Also, girls hate seeing pics of boys with other girls.
  2. Great photo of you playing guitar.
  3. Unflattering. Is there another pic of you in the outdoors?
  4. Also a little unflattering, but the passion is good. You already have a photo of you playing guitar. Two is redundant.
  5. This is a great photo. I usually don't like pics of guys in sunglasses (I want to see their faces), but the suit wins me over. Consider this for profile pic.
  6. I think this is also a great photo, especially if you're interested in attracting artsier girls.
  7. This photo is a little serious and overly-professional, but it's a really nice, crisp photo of your face. I say keep it.
  8. Girls love cats :) :) Keep it!

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Best of luck!


Editing guide

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  • spelling/grammar

Self summary

I’m about as bad as talking about myself as everyone else on this site, but I’m just going to go for it.
Born and raised in New Hampshire but moved to Boston for college... I went to Northeastern.
Now I work in real estate management but I try to find time to chill with friends, play guitar, and escape to go north. i appreciate simplicity, last minute plans, and family.
Everyone is in the same boat as you when it comes to online dating, so don’t point out that you’re “bad at” the process. This self-summary is ok, but it doesn’t show much that’s unique about you. Try to be a little more detailed-- How do you like living in the city vs. the country? You play guitar, but are you in a band? What do you do when you “escape to the north?” What do you like about living in Boston?


What I’m doing with my life

I'm trying to hit that perfect balance of work and play.

Trying to seize the day.
Going to the lake in the summer. In the winter, I like to snowboard.
I really try to live in the moment but always try to prepare for the future, too. .
It’s ok to talk a little bit about your life philosophy, but it’s important to avoid being preachy (this turns girls off). Give concrete examples. It’s always better to “show” not “tell,” which means you should write a quick sentence about an impromptu road trip you took, rather than saying you “seize the day.”

I’m really good at

playing piano, snowboarding, and playing fantasy football
This is good, but use this opportunity to expand. What kind of music are you good at playing? Are you an amateur snowboarder or professional level? Why are you good at fantasy football? Do you play with friends? Again, be more specific.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

I love all music, I don't discriminate, but I am really, really into music. Music helps me relax and is awesome.

I’m really into bluegrass right now.

Tell me what bands you’re into! I want to talk to you about the music I like! You’re a musician! Let’s see a show together! Come on, what do you like!? This section of your profile gives you the most opportunity for “hooks.” Hooks help girls talk to you about your mutual interests. It’s important to be specific about bands, tv shows, restaurants, and foods. What is your favorite thing to order in a Chinese restaurant? Do you have a favorite Italian place in the North End?

Six things I could never live without

  • the people in my life
  • smartphone
  • good music and my keyboard
  • wings
  • air
  • football
This is a little....conventional. I can’t live without my family and friends either (and actually, I think it’s ok to include this), but this question allows you to be a little funny and tell girls about some odd interests.  It’s better to show you love your friends and family by saying “food my mom cooks.” “Great seats at Gillette Stadium” is more descriptive and interesting than “football.” “My keyboard where I play reggae” is better than “good music and my keyboard.” Keep “wings.”--girls love them, too.

I spend a lot of time thinking about

How I can keep living in the moment,
and when girls will step into my life
I really like when guys admit that they’re interested in finding girls, but it’s a turn off if a girl thinks you’re interested in ALL girls. They want to feel unique. Because you’re not looking for a longterm relationship, it’s not fair to say you’re waiting for “a special girl.” Instead you should cut this. It’s great you’re bettering and challenging yourself, but how so? To be physically fit? To better your career? To make more money? To come up with business schemes? To be kinder to your friends? To try to live more environmentally friendly?

My typical Friday night

Drinking cheap beer while seeing a live band or watching a game. Dive bar, fancy venue, doesn’t matter.
Ok, this is good! Any neighborhoods you like to go out in? A favorite cheap beer?

The most private thing I’m willing to admit

I have no faith in "online dating", but hopefully someone can prove me wrong. There may be some other things, but you may never find out because it is, well private.
It’s ok to be nervous-- online dating is scary, but you don’t need to admit it in your profile. It would be better to admit that online dating is intimidating than to say you have no faith (you have a little faith-- you contacted us). Use this opportunity to say something funny or give a little known fact about you. This section of the profile is good for creating “hooks.”

You should message me if

You would like to. Seems to be the basic answer. I'm always up for meeting or just talking to new people. What can you really tell from a profile? Not much.
Yes, this is the basic answer, which is why you should say something different. It’s true you can’t tell much from a profile and it’s nice that you actually want to meet up with girls, but use this as an opportunity to seek out what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have to be serious. Look---it’s true. Girls don’t often message guys, but when a girl checks out your profile, this is one of the first section she looks at. Make it good! Give her something to talk to you about. What kind of girl are you looking for? Likes to read books, go hiking, ski, drink cheap beer, play pool, have fun with friends?

Looking for

  • women ages 23-28
  • short-term dating, activity partners,
    casual sex
It’s fine to be interested in using online dating for casual sex, but it’s not necessary to say so. I’d just delete this...if you meet up with a girl and she seems down, great, but assuming too much is a turn off.

Anything else Frog2Prince should know?

I recently got out of a longterm relationship and want to start dating again, but am not looking for anything serious.

Lots of people use online dating for casual encounters and short term dating rather than looking for a life partner. Here’s the key: even if you don’t want anything serious, you do want to be taken seriously (because you deserve it) if you want to catch a girl.